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Redback Venom Vibe 3.6G - Deep Purple 03

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Redback Venom Vibe 3.6G - Deep Purple 03

Redback Venom Vibes are designed with a slender profile and a weighted nose allowing the vibe to be cast like a bullet and then sink down head first. Externally the Vibes are fitted with realistic 3D eyes and unique custom designed body colouring. Internally the Venom Vibes contain ball bearings which make the lure body shimmy and vibrate in the water for attracting and catching fish.
Available in 3 weights/sizes, 3.6 gram/38mm, 10 gram/50mm and 18 gram/67mm and 10 different colours and fitted with 2 x VMC black nickel trebles the Redback Venom blades offer great versatility.
Ideal for fishing Australian natives such as Yellow Belly, cod, bass and redfin.

Colour: Deep Purple (03)
Hooks: 2 x VMC Hooks 9650BN 12# trebles
Size: 38mm (1.5 Inches)
Weight: 3.6 Grams (1/8oz)

Packaging: Redback blister and card

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