Universal Round Mount USB & Type-C Adaptor Lead To Fit In Most Cigarette Lighter / Accessory Sockets

$56.95 RRP

Designed to fit directly in most cigarette lighter / accessory sockets
Includes dust cover and mounting nut
Fully compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
Fitted with a 1 metre long USB3.0 & Type-C leads that can be plugged directly into the back of your aftermarket head unit.
(For best results, do not use extension cables)

Mounting Hole For Flush Mount: 29mm Mounting Hole (34.5mm Face)
Supplied with mounting nut and dust cover
Charging: USB3.0 & Type-C sockets
USB Cable Length: 1 Metre
Colour: Metal Silver Face
Packaging: DNA Blister & Card

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