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Mini Rocker SPDT On / On Switch With 15mm Mounting Hole


This switch allows dual circuits to be run with each circuit run off each position of the switch.
SPDTs are great for selecting between two power sources, swapping inputs, or whatever it is you do with two circuits trying to go one place.
(An SPDT can actually be made into an SPST by just leaving one of the switch throws unconnected).

On / On rocker switch wiring configuration:
Pin 1: Connect positive wire of device 1 to this pin
Pin 2: Connect to 12VDC + Power Source (Provides the power source for left and right pins)
Pin 3: Connect positive wire of device 2 to this pin


Single Pole / Double Throw
No markings for universal use
No Illumination
Terminals: 3 x Blade terminals
Mounting hole diameter: 15mm
Voltage range: 125VAC 6A / 250VAC 3A
Colour: Black
Packaging: Poly bag with sticker

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