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CMOS Reverse Camera With Butterfly Mount And Harness Kit To Suit Toyota Hilux Vehicles From June 2020 Onwards

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To Suit
Toyota Hilux (From June 2020 onwards)

CMOS Reverse Camera With Butterfly Mount And Harness Kit To Suit Toyota Hilux Vehicles From June 2020 Onwards

Toyota Hilux June 2020 Onwards. 
For use with Toyota OEM head units and JBL head units with push buttons and two rotary control knobs.

This reverse camera and harness kit is designed for plug and play DIY installation in Toyota Hilux vehicles from June 2020 Onwards.
It allows easy installation and integration of a reverse camera to the OEM factory Toyota Hilux screen. (From June 2020 onwards, refer to photo of the OEM Toyota head unit as a reference). The camera is then simply mounted in the factory location or under the tray.

This kit has been designed for simple plug and play installation into the Toyota Hilux vehicle, without the need of cutting or soldering any wires. It saves pulling apart the dash and trying to access the rear of the head unit area, whereas this harness simply plugs and plays into the harness location in the passenger footwell kick panel area.

Quick Installation Points:

Gaining access to the harness wiring in the vehicle:
1. Lift up and remove the passenger side door sill plate.
2. Remove the passenger side footwell kick panel.

Installing the camera harness with the vehicle harness wiring:
(WARNING: Ensure vehicle is switched off before disconnecting this plug)
a. Unplug the factory harness plug from the passenger side footwell area.
b. Plug the factory harness plug into the female end of this harness
c. Plug the male end of this harness into the factory harness socket in the vehicle.
d. Plug the small 4 pin plug on the camera extension cable into the small 4 pin socket on the harness.

Installing the camera and testing:
3. Install and wire the camera as desired.
4. Once this camera kit is installed, test it to make sure it is working and the viewing angle is suitable.
5. Ensure all wiring is routed in the vehicle and to the rear of the vehicle safely and securely.
6. Re-install the passenger side footwell kick panel.
7. Re-install the passenger side door sill plate.

Camera Strengths:
Heavy Duty Robust Design
Zinc Alloy Housing
PAL / NTSC Selectable* (By default set to PAL. To select NTSC cut the wire)
Parking Guide Lines*
Mirror Image*
Plug and play DIY installation with harness

Includes selectable options: PAL/NTSC video format, parking guide lines and reverse mirror imaging.
Camera also includes butterfly mount and has a Waterproof IP68 rating.
Ideal for 4WD and or trade vehicles that get knocked about where a tough camera is needed.
Plug and play DIY installation with harness

Selectable features:
PAL/NTSC format (Purple wire): By default is set to PAL format. (Cut wire to change to NTSC format)
Image Control (Green wire): By default is set for rear camera installation. (Cut wire to change image for front camera installation)
Parking Line (White wire): By default is set to show parking lines. (Cut wire to turn off)

Image Sensor: CMOS (PC1058K)
Video System: PAL or NTSC (Selectable)
Scanning area: 4.88mm*3.67mm
Resolution: 976(H)*592(V)
Horizontal Resolution : 700 TVL
Electronic Shutter: 1s-1/10000(S)
SNR: =45.0dB
Min Illumination: 0.01Lux
Video Output: 1.0V±0.5Vp-p 75O
View Angle: 170°
Working Voltage: DC9V-15V±0.5V
Consumption: 100mA±10%
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Camera Body Size: 28mm W x 22mm H x 22mm D
Butterfly Base Size: 44mm L x 18mm W

Packaging: DNA Gift box with sleeve

Also available is just the video retention harness only: VRTY20

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