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Self-Standing Fishing Float - 1.52 Gram

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Self-Standing Fishing Float - 1.52 Gram

This self-standing / cocking fishing float is designed with a buoyancy weight of 1.52 grams.
This determines how much weight the float can hold before it starts to sink.
Use a greater value buoyancy weight for larger baits, deeper water, casting distance, more current and in windy conditions.
Use a lighter buoyancy weight when fishing for your smaller finicky species such as Garfish, Luderick, Bream, Trevally, Trout and Redfin.

Float Body Colour: Black body with high visibility coloured stripes and 70mm long multi-colour mast
Size: 220mm Long x 13.8mm diameter (approx.)
Cocking Weight: 1.52 Grams
Packaging: Clear plastic hanging tube with barcode sticker

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