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E Series - 4 x 21.5mm Parking Sensor Kit With Buzzer

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This E series kit is designed as an entry level solution suitable for most car or van applications providing moderate functionality at a budget.
This kit is supplied with 4 black 5° angled 21.5mm paintable sensors for installation into plastic bumpers. A high/low volume selectable buzzer is also provided for audible warning.

Note: This system is only compatible with plastic bumpers.

An optional LED display with built in buzzer is also available for this series. (Model: EPSD)

State of the art advanced circuitry design and built quality
Intelligent software and microprocessor controlled
Detectable sensor range: 0cm to 2.5m
Buzzer audible range: 40cm to 1.5m
Sensor detection field : Horizontal 90° and Vertical 90°
Advanced Self-diagnostics software with error correction
Progressive audible detection warning
Compatible with 4, 3 or 2 sensor operation
Twist lock inline connectors for each sensor 2.5M long per sensor
Operating Voltage: 12V
Standalone Hi-Low-Off buzzer
Compatible with optional LED display with digital distance readout and buzzer. (Model: EPSD)
Packaging: Box with barcode sticker

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