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24-12VDC Converter 10 Amp Dual Output

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24-12VDC Converter 10 Amp Dual Output

24 Volt DC to 12 volt DC voltage reducer with dual outputs.

Fitted with 2 independent 12VDC outputs.
Output 1: using the terminals on the side of the case.
Output 2: using the 3 wires.
White: 12VDC postive output
Black: negative output
Blue: 24VDC trigger wire for activating the circuit.

Input DC voltage range: DC20~30V DC
Output voltage range: 12V~13.8V
Continuous power: 10 Amps
Peak power: 15 Amps
No load current draw: 20mA
Max. power efficency: >90%
Cooling: Air convection
Input polarity reverse: Diode protection
Output polarity reverse: Circuit protection
Over heating: Circuit protection
Over load: Circuit protection
Output short: Circuit protection
Fuse: 15 Amps
Dimension (LxWxH): 90 x 73 x 45mm
Weight: 330g
Packaging: Sliding blister and card with hang hole

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